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Episode 2: Favorite quotes from chapter 2

April 7, 2020 Speaker: Jonathan Rourke Series: All Things for Good

Topic: Trials

 “A sick bed often teaches more than a sermon. We can best see the ugly visage of sin in the looking-glass of affliction!”

“As we sometimes hold a crooked rod over the fire to straighten it; so God holds us over the fire of affliction to make us more straight and upright. Oh, how good it is, when sin has bent the soul awry from God, that affliction should straighten it again!”

“Was His head crowned with thorns, and do we think to be crowned with roses? It is good to be like Christ, though it be by sufferings.”

“Afflictions are the medicine which God uses to carry off our spiritual diseases; they cure the swelling of pride, the fever of lust, the cancer of covetousness.”

“When you dig away the earth from the root of a tree, it is to loosen the tree from the earth. Just so, God digs away our earthly comforts to loosen our hearts from the earth.”

“God sweetens outward pain with inward peace.”

“Soldiers have never been so admired for their victories, as the saints have been for their sufferings.”

“The magnet of mercy does not draw us so near to God as the cords of affliction.”

“How it strikes a damp into wicked men, when they see that the godly will keep close to God in a suffering condition, and that, when they lose all, they yet will hold fast their integrity.”

“The vessel is first seasoned before wine is poured into it: the vessels of mercy are first seasoned with affliction, and then the wine of glory is poured in.”