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Men's Ministries

Men's Ministries

Current Studies 

1 Corinthians 
      6am Thursdays @ the ministry house
1 Corinthians 
      ZOOM 6am every other Friday
      ZOOM 6am every Wednesday 



The Men’s Ministry at Tri-City exists to be a foundry where men are encouraged to pursue growth, discipline, passion, and knowledge of Christ through a commitment to the Holy Spirit’s work of sanctification. It is in the furnace of a consistent walk with Christ that faith is tested and forged.

We believe the cultural standard for men is too low. It leads to a shameful lack of integrity, person holiness, leadership and maturity. So, we reject it, and don’t tolerate it in each other, but instead call one another to love as Christ does. We encourage men to lead in our church, our friendships, our families, our marriages, and in our personal lives. We believe we can only lead others rightly in the Kingdom of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ if we are personally following Him.

Through various bible studies, doctrine classes, and fellowship events, we spur one another on, and build one other up. Using timeless books and edifying conversation, we deepen our understanding of God and his truth. Our fellowship includes not only great food and recreation, but serious accountability and prayer.

“Let us not glide through this world and then slip quietly into heaven, without having blown the trumpet loud and long for our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Let us see to it that the devil will hold a thanksgiving service in hell, when he gets the news of our departure from the field of battle.” 
― C.T. Studd