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Women's Bible Study

Women's Bible Study

Current Series


The Minor Prophets

Grace in times of trouble: The major theme of the Minor Prophets 

Lesson One: Introduction

Lesson Two: Hosea 1-3

Lesson Three: Hosea 4-7

Lesson Four: Hosea 8-10

Lesson Five: Joel

Lesson Six: Amos 1-2

Lesson Seven: Amos 3-6

Lesson Eight: Amos 7-9

Lesson Nine: Obadiah

Lesson Ten: Jonah

Lesson Eleven: Micah 1-4

Lesson Twelve: Micah 5-7

Lesson Thirteen: Nahum 

Lesson Fourteen: Habakkuk 1-2

Lesson Fifteen: Habakkuk 3

Lesson Sixteen: Zephaniah 1-2

Lesson Seventeen: Zephaniah 3

Lesson Eighteen: Haggai



Past Series


Eschatology: An Overview

Notes: Introduction - Conflict of Visions

Notes: Part 1 - Telling the Story

Notes: Part 2 - Defining our Terms

Podcast: Introduction to Eschatology

Podcast: Introduction to Eschatology (Q/A)

Notes: Part 3 - The Journey Continues (Millennium Study)

Bonus: Old Testament texts about the Millennium

Podcast: The Millennium (Part 1)

Notes: Part 4 - And Then There Was One...Or Two

Podcast: The Millennium (Part 2)

Questions: The Millennium (Part 2)

Podcast: The Millennium (Q/A)

Notes: Part 5 - The Gathering Storm

Podcast: The Rapture and Tribulation

Podcast: The Millennium (Q/A) (Part 2)

Notes: Part 6 - Finally Home

Podcast: The Eternal State

Podcast: The Rapture and Tribulation (Q/A)



Titus 3 - Conduct in the World


Titus 3 - Conduct in the World (Women's Bible Study) from Tri-City Bible Church on Vimeo.